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About Grim Up North

I'm not sure we will ever be able to give you a definitive answer for how GrimUpNorthcame into being.

A lot of the credit has to go to the magnificent Steve 'Bumble' Anderson and a strange tale of which the punchline was 'drive by pie'. The rest of the story is long forgotten but who needs the rest of the story when the punchline is that good?

Anyway the legend of 'drive by pie' remained, and with it the strange idea that it would make a good t-shirt. Over the next year or two we toiled over the design of what we planned to be the greatest t-shirt ever to grace the great the northern torso... The soon to become legendary 'drive by pie' t-shirt. Only one thing was lacking, we could not think of any way of making a t-shirt with words or pictures linking to 'drive by pie' look good. This was bad news, theres was a recession on and times are always hard up in the North anyway.

The only good news to come out of these years, years that we know refer to as 'the struggles', were a load of other designs. They might not have anything to do with pies, but they looked good... in fact we happen to think they look very good, so good that we thought we'd share them.

We've looked around the web and there not much out there celebrating the North, and what there is seems to be missing the point of just what it is to be Northern. Yes it can sometimes be grim up here, but we wouldnt swap it for the world.

... and so GrimUpNorth was born.

Welcome to GrimUpNorth, t-shirts and accessories for the discerning Northerner... ideas for drive by pie still wanted.